About Us

African Waistbeads are a tradition and cultural celebration of femininity. They are used at birth and throughout life to signify growth, milestones and individual expression. 

Waistbeads  can be worn by any woman seeking to become more aware of her body and in tune with the beauty she carries. They are traditionally worn around the waist but can be used as body jewelry wherever you deem necessary. The power is yours.

We are a company committed to giving you an authentic experience with Waistbeads and all natural products for your body. What began as a personal journey for the CEO/Founder of BeautyBodyBeads, has now helped hundreds of women in 12 different states and counting! All Waistbeads featured on this site are handmade by the Owner or imported from African Countries such as Ghana or Kenya. 

Owner/ CEO 
Patricia “Shay” Cosey