Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What exactly are Waistbeads for? 

A: Waistbeads are an known as an African tradition and cultural expression. While they are trending all over the world, the original use of waistbeads were to track weight loss or weight gain, to signify a coming of age for young girls, to accessorize your beauty and even to spice up you love life with a visual aphrodisiac, only to be seen by your significant other. 

Q: How do I know what size I am? 

A: There are two types of beads featured on this site: Tie-Ons and Removable Clasps. 

(Tie-Ons): You do not need to know what size you are to purchase Tie-On Waistbeads. All Beads come between 52 Inches long and can be cut and tied to where you would like them to hang. The power is yours. 


(Removable): You will need to know the measurements of the places you’d like these to hang. The most accurate way is to measure yourself with a tape measure. This can be found at your local drug store or dollar tree. Then choose where you want to hang you beads and wrap the tape measure around. Record your waist size in inches. 

Q: I’m not African, is it okay for me to wear Waistbeads? 

A: Absolutely! While we are appreciative that you considered the cultural appropriateness of wearing our beads, we assure you that every woman, no matter the nationality, color or creed, has permission to channel their inner beauty and feel extremely confident in their Waistbeads. The power is yours. 

Q: Can I Workout or Shower in these? 

A: Yes Ma’am! These Waistbeads are made from either nylon thread (Kenya) or Cotton Thread (Ghana). Both threads allow for routine/daily showering without damage to the products. Some colors may tend to fade, if this happens to you, please submit a photo and contact us at info@beautybodybeads.com. 

Buns and Guns Fitness Owner