Wild Crafted Gold Seamoss Gel

Wild Crafted Gold Seamoss Gel

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If health is wealth, choose liquid Gold! 

Seamoss gel is used for added health benefits in smoothies, tea, food or even healthy skin and hair products. 

Seamoss Gel Contains 92 of 102 of the minerals the body needs to be in optimal shape. It increases energy, aids in weight loss and soothes the digestive tract. It serves as a mild laxative to cleanse out the insides.

Sea moss gel is also great for Vaginal health and increases the oxygenation of cells, resulting in improved blood flow and circulation and likewise for men. This is a great benefit for overall health of men and women reproduction organs. 

This products comes in 12-16 ounces and can last up to 3.5 weeks. It is most potent within the first two weeks and best taken at 1-2 tablespoon per day, daily.  This can also be rubbed into your face/skin where rashes, acne or eczema occur. 

A Sea Moss Guide comes with every purchase. Please allow 2 business days for your order to be made fresh.

Local Delivery is available.  Free shipping is 2-3 Business days. To keep fresh, Sea Moss shipments go out Monday-Wednesday in order that they are not stuck at the post office over the weekend. 

Ingredients Original-Plain: Irish Sea Moss, Spring Water

Ingredients Honey-Tumeric: Irish Sea Moss, Spring Water, Honey, Organic Tumeric Powder